Monday, June 18, 2007

I Found My Bowl!

It's very rare that I take a lunch break at work and even more rare that I go eat out for lunch. Instead I bring in ramen, easy mac, soups, leftovers, popcorn, and other assorted things that can be made in a microwave and eaten quickly. I have too much crap to get done at work to blow an entire hour going out to grab food.

Since I almost always eat in my office, I have a set of silverware and a nice, big, multipurpose bowl in one of my drawers, along with a nice assortment of food. This bowl worked great for soup, easy mac, holding popcorn, chips, or anything else I could think of. It even worked for microwaving and holding left overs I might bring in.

Well, about 3 months ago I left this bowl in the shared kitchen sink to let the soap soak the easy mac off since I let it crust on while being a part of a marathon teleconference call. I totally forgot about it and didn't remember it until a few work days later. I had no need to use it since I worked at home one day and took another day off. When I did remember and rushed to find my favorite bowl, it was gone.

Sadly, I lived bowl-less for a few weeks and then broke down and bought a replacement. I couldn't replace bowl-y, but I needed some way to eat things that required the microwave. The memory of bowl-y lived on with me, however.

Today, I needed a mug to make some mocha coffee mix crap that I had sitting in my cube in order to get my afternoon caffeine fix, and remembering I took mine home to wash, I had to scour the kitchen to find a mug. In the process, I discovered bowl-y! He was hidden in a cupboard that I'd not ever been in before. So now I have two bowls!

But what do I do now that bowl-y is back? Even though I loved bowl-y and he'll always have a place in my heart, I've moved on and formed a tight relationship with bowl-io. It's going to be a rough lunch time for the next few weeks as I adjust and try to keep my emotions under control.

Ahh... bowls. I'm really struggling for stuff to write about, aren't I? *Sigh*

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