Friday, June 15, 2007

Bullet Points

I'm really scatter brained at work today, so here's a wonderful Friday bullet point list of random thoughts currently running through my head.

  • I'm writing my first discographies article for Decoy, focusing on the band Living Sacrifice, and I find myself wondering how anyone could have ever really, truly enjoyed late 80's and early 90's speed/thrash metal. Every song is exactly the same--super fast riffs, terrible vocals, and a rhythm section sitting there just matching the guitar leads.
  • My two summer league ultimate frisbee teams are completely winless so far this year and it's getting to the point where if one of the two teams doesn't pull out a win soon, I'm going to be a very frustrated dude. A bunch of our games have been close, but we just couldn't close them out.
  • I've been terribly busy at work doing boat loads of testing on a new software release and I find it amazing how many bugs and defects the company that built it let get through their QA process. Makes me wonder if they actually have one...
  • I have a 10K run in less than a month and I'm no where near having enough miles under my belt to do even close to well and I'm starting to freak out about it a little, especially since my knee that I hyper extended this winter is giving me some problems as of late.
  • This 90+ degree weather we've been having here in Minnesota is for the birds. I hate having that layer of sweat already saturating my undershirt by the time I get to work.
  • I eat like crap and I'm starting to get really sick of my lack of discipline when it comes to choosing what I eat and how often I've been eating out lately. I need to tighten the reigns here soon.
  • Oreos are so freakin' yummy.
  • I could use a nap.

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