Friday, July 27, 2007

Hometown Pervert

This week all of the talk in my home town has been about how a local bus driver was having sex with little boys. The bus driver, David Gerlach, was someone that everyone in the community knew, mostly because he owned and operated half the buses used by my elementary and high school.

I didn't know Gerlach all that well since I never had a need to interact with him other than to say hi when he was the bus driver for our away sporting events. However, he always did seem a little... too friendly. He was never afraid to be somewhat touchy-feely with kids, but I simply assumed it was because he was one of "those guys". You know, the ones that just think they're being nice and caring, like a parent, by showing physical support. Seems like every community has a few of these types of people and that's just how they are--they're touch oriented, but never have anything malicious in mind when they do it. It's just second nature.

Apparently Gerlach wasn't one of "those guys". Instead he was a slimy, dirty, pile of human waste. I'm sorry, but molesting kids is something that I just can never understand. Stealing--I can see how someone could justify it and we've all done it ourselves. Assault--sometimes you just get pissed off and need to hit someone. Murder--I have a hard time seeing how someone could go to the lengths of killing someone, but I could see it happening. Rape--not acceptable, but again, I could sort of see how someone could be driven to that point. Child molesting--that's just some sick shit. Seriously. What kind of deranged pervert needs to take advantage of developing and impressionable youths?

Usually I don't take too much of an interest in crime, but in this case I want to see this horrendous waste of oxygen thrown into prison, and not some posh prison. No, I want him sent to prison prison where his child molesting ass will get ripped open over and over again. That'd make my day.

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