Thursday, July 12, 2007

Migraine = Restart

I'm starting to believe that my body's brain must be running some form of Windows as an operating system. Most of the time it works fine. There'll be some small glitches here and there and occasionally there's a bit of a slowdown when I've got a lot going on and my brain can't quite handle it all, but for the most part everything works ok.

But just like Windows needs constant restarting for it to work really well, so do I. This is usually accomplished via going to bed each night and waking up again in the morning. Essentially I have cleared my brain's cluttered RAM, unloaded all the programs that might have still been running, and I have a fresh processing slate to work with.

There are days, however, where something goes critically wrong--a hard crash or a security hole gets exploited. It's on these days where I get a migraine. You see, when I get migraines I can take as much Excedrin, caffeine, or painkillers as are available and it won't make the migraine totally go away. Just like you can still use Windows when somethings crashed or broken, I can still function. The only way to get back to normal is by going to bed (hitting the reset button). Whenever I go to sleep with a migraine, upon waking up I'm totally fixed. My head is back to normal.

As much as it sucks having to restart, I can deal with it and I've gotten used to it, having had migraines most of my life. I just sincerely hope that I never experience a blue screen of death migraine.

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