Friday, July 13, 2007

Those Crazy Moving Staircases

One of the most frustrating things to experience when walking somewhere is getting on an escalator where no one is moving. You're walking along at a nice pace, you need to go up or down a floor, so you hop on an escalator, but you can't keep walking because the person(s) in front of you decided that since the floor started moving underneath them like some form of medieval magic, they can no longer move their feet -- they're so awestruck in amazement that they've forgotten how to walk.

Really, why do people automatically stop walking once they set foot on an escalator? Are people really that lazy that they need to take a break and let the floor ferry them up or down a level. Maybe if you're some gargantuan fat ass and you're on an escalator going up, I can understand how you might not want to attempt making steps in an upward direction, but there's no excuse when you're on an escalator going down.

This might not be so much of an annoyance for me if there were also stairs alongside escalators so I could walk up them and get to where I'm going faster than waiting on a slow moving escalator, but many times there isn't.

In my frustration, I've decided that instead of waiting behind lazy ass people when getting on a magical moving stairway, I'm going to simply maneuver or push my way around people and walk up. I can't take any more of this. My pet peeve cannot be contained any longer. Lazy escalator riders, fear my wrath!

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