Monday, July 16, 2007

The Monday Morning Energizer

Remember back in the day when I professed Cocaine to be the be-all, end-all energy drink? I never did get a chance to order it or drink it because of all the legal hullaballo around it. I'm still considering giving it a shot, especially since they're still selling it, just under the "No Name" moniker. My interest in it has somewhat waned, however, with the introduction of Purecaf.

Purecaf is 100% liquid caffeine. Can you imagine the sheer amount of energy (and heart attacks) that this product could impart upon someone? It also gives you the ability to make what-the-heck-ever you want into an energy imbued hyper drink. I know I'd mix this crap into my milk for sure. Heck, just put some in a mug of water. How much more awesome can you get than having plain ol' zero calorie water now filled with the magic energy juice caffeine?

Or, now this would be interesting, you could marinate food in some liquid caffeine. Can you imagine a energy fortified turkey? Tryptophan be damned, it would be so outclassed by the equivalent of, oh I dunno, maybe 20 Red Bulls that were marinated into the succulent white meat. Turkey could actually make you hyper. How insane is that?

Lord knows what I'm going to do when Purecaf finally opens up their online ordering section of their website. It could be bad... very bad... but at least I'll be really awake for whatever bad things happen.

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