Friday, August 17, 2007

Demo Derbies

One of the awesome things about growing up in a farming community was the annual county fair, or the county fairs of local communities. With these fairs came a wonderful event--the demolition derby. For a few hours during each county fair, drivers would pit their reinforced junk heaps with big engines against other drivers' beat up cars to see who could keep theirs running the longest. It is like a scene from Mad Max come to life and it is awesome.

Last weekend I went to the Mower county fair with my family, girlfriend, and her nephew. We were there to give Kristi's nephew his first taste of the demolition derby experience and I think he thoroughly enjoyed it. As usual, I had a blast. Really, how could watching a bunch of cars crashing for a few hours not be entertaining?

Both my mom and me managed to get some shots of the action. You can check out my mom's shots here and you can look at mine right here. I also have some videos, but they're over 100 MB in size each, so I'll probably have to shrink them down before I post them or else put them on Youtube or something.

Next demolition derby on the schedule is the Steele county fair demo derby this Sunday at 4:00 pm. I can't wait!

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