Saturday, August 18, 2007

Screw Comcast

I really really really wish that we had more options for internet in our area. Right now we have Comcast and... Comcast. That's it. They have a monopoly on the internet in our area. They've been the worst possible company to deal with for anything. They've screwed up our billing repeatedly, given us the wrong hardware for cable and internet, not been able to properly authorize our router, and now are throttling and outright denying bittorrent traffic.

Both my roommates and myself use bittorrent for many purposes and we are now unable to seed particular torrents or use bittorrent. I know that once our running special on internet + cable runs out with Comcast I'll be switching to DishTV for television instead of Comcast and I might have to suck it up and try to see if I can somehow get DSL here at my place to avoid continued usage of Comcast's services.

If you have Comcast, call them or email them or do something to let them know you don't think this is a fair practice. We're paying for our internet service at $44.99 a month so we should damn well be able to use it, not just use it for select tasks that they feel people should use it for.

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