Monday, August 20, 2007

See Ya Later, Vick

Let's all say it together now, "Michael Vick's career is over."

Personally, I think it would be fair to take him and everyone else convicted of running the dog fighting circle, as well as brutally killing the dogs in the underground fight circuit, throw them all into a room, and unleash about 20 stark, raving mad dogs on them. Bonus points would come from using dogs that were recovered from the fighting circuit.

I really hope that Vick never plays in the league again. I'm sure he will, however, as he's talented enough that some crappy ass team (read: The Oakland Raiders) will eventually suck it up and take him on board. Seriously, though, if you are convicted of a federal offense, there is no way you should ever get to play in sports again. What type of a precedent are you setting for young kids by letting criminals come back?

Sure, everyone should get a second chance after serving their time, but it's different for sports in my eyes. They're influencing kids and impressionable minds. Much like I could never work for an accounting firm again if I was ever convicted of fraud, embezzlement, or other crimes that impact my career.

Lock his ass up. End of story.

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