Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thunderstorm Side Effects

So apparently all of the storms coming through the area lately have caused a little more havoc than simply forcing me to mow my lawn. With the intense lightning show that came with Sunday's showers also came knocked out stop lights on my bus route to and from work, which meant that they were temporarily turned into four way stops. Combine this fact with the knowledge that my bus route in one of the main alternate routes people take because of the 35W bridge collapse (which already made my bus ride longer than usual), my normal Monday bus ride went from 30 minutes each way to 50 minutes.

On a more personal note, because of the extreme amount of rain that's come through the area, I also found out that when the ground is so saturated, I get some slight water leakage into an area of my basement. It wouldn't have been too bad if the leak was in an area of the basement that was linoleum, such as in the laundry room, but it happened in the basement family room, causing some of the carpet to be damp. Nothing too serious, but annoying nonetheless.

Thankfully, it looks like there isn't any rain in the near future for the area... well, at least not high percentage chances at least. I could do without rain for a little while.

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