Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Ends of the Spectrum

On Saturday I did something I hadn't done since the first weekend in June -- I mowed my lawn. Since early June, we've hardly received any rain here in the northeast Minneapolis area. The few big thunderstorms that went through this summer either strayed to the south metro area or were light on the rain and heavy on the electricity.

That all changed last week and it changed for most of middle and southern Minnesota as inches upon inches of rain fell, and in some places it was over a foot of rain causing one town to basically be flooded off the map. Even my area ended up with more rain than we knew what to do with. My yard, underneath the half dead and slowly coming back to life grass covering, was saturated with water making the lawn muddy and squishy for a few days.

Even now the rain keeps coming and coming. Last night another strong storm rolled through the area and we're supposed to get even more this evening. We've got plenty of rain for now Mother Nature, thank you very much. The only fun part about all of these storms is the light show that accompanies the rain. Last night was extremely electric with some lightning striking pretty darn close to where I was, one time even being so close (probably within a couple of houses) I could hear the sizzle at the beginning of the thunderclap.

Let's hope the storms roll through in the early evening tonight because this getting woken up in the middle of the night because of storms is getting a little old.

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