Friday, February 08, 2008

Me Day

You know how I said I haven't really had a chance to have any "Rick time" lately? Seems like fate was listening in and is giving me an entire day tomorrow by myself. The roommates are heading out of town. So is the gf. And so are most of my other friends. This leaves me at home, by myself, hanging out with the cats. What am I ever going to do with all of that time? Sadly, I have it all planned out already. There's just too much stuff I want to do.

First, I think I'll sleep in until 7:00 or maybe even 7:30. Then I'll get up to have my morning coffee and do some reading down by the fire place with some music playing in the background. Once I get through all of my coffee, it'll be time to start cleaning. The house is desperately in need of a vacuuming and dusting and general clean up so I'm actually looking forward to digging into cleaning. I can only take messiness and dirtiness to a certain point and then I am compelled to clean.

With the cleaning mostly out of the way, I might lay down on the couch to watch some Battlestar Galactica and X-Files before I take a late morning or early afternoon nap. Once I get up, I'll probably make my way over to the gym to put in some miles and do some lifting. Once I get back and get all cleaned up, I'll get to work finishing off some work that I have to do for Decoy Music, as well as some stuff that got put on the back burner at work this week. By the time I'm done with that, it'll be supper time. I'll probably cook myself some Asian food and have a beer or glass of wine (depending upon my mood) and enjoy my meal in front of the television.

The rest of the evening I'll either head out with some friends who are getting back in to town late or, if they're not back, pop in a movie or sit down for a reading marathon.

Who would have thought having a planned out day such as that would be something I'm anticipating like you can't believe. Sometimes you just need a day or two to yourself. As much as I'm a people person, I do have my times when I need some solitary confinement and tomorrow will be that day.

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