Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sneaky Pee-Man

Just a quick warning up front, this post involves bathroom talk so if you don't want to discuss what goes on in the rest room, turn away now.

...so, I've had an interesting set of occurrences at work recently. There has been three separate instances of the same situation happening. Most guys, especially when there are others present in the bathroom, wash their hands after taking a pee. Sometimes only to keep up the appearance that they do. I know many guys just skip that step when no one is around.

Anyways, last week I was hanging out in a stall taking care of my business when the bathroom door opened, someone entered, headed over to the urinal, and started taking care of his business. Once he finished, the first interesting thing happened--he didn't flush. Seriously, who doesn't flush a toilet when they're done? That's just bad etiquette. Then, the next thing I hear is the door to the bathroom opening and closing again. This guy also didn't wash his hands.

Ok, so maybe the guy was in a hurry or something and I can accept that sometimes you forget to flush, especially if there's something on your mind or you are in a hurry. The thing is, this situation has repeated itself TWO MORE TIMES! This leads me to believe I work with someone who does not believe in the concept of flushing or washing his hands, which is kind of hard to fathom because even toddlers get the concepts of flushing and washing.

If this situation ever arises again, I may just have to dart up, take off, and see who the heck this mystical person is. I need to know who this no-flush, no-wash man is...

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