Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Those Sad, Sad Timberwolves

Last night I managed to get to my second Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game of this season. Surprisingly, we won. It was only our 12th win all season, which next to our 43 losses so far looks pretty abysmal. But that's what happens when you trade away your franchise player and face of the team Kevin Garnett for a bunch of ok and/or unproven players. It's really sad that in one off season we went from a playoff caliber team to the second worst team in the NBA.

Earlier this season I made it to the T-Wolves final home preseason game and the Target Center was about half full, which was to be expected for a preseason game. Now, a few months later, at a regular season game against the number one team in our division, the Wolves couldn't even draw a half capacity crowd. At tip-off I'd say that the place was about a third full, and that's being generous. By the time the game was drawing to a close there was hardly a soul left in the arena. I've seen more people at high school games.

This pretty much goes to prove the point that Kevin Garnett was our team and was the draw for fans. Now we have what, Randy Foye? Al Jefferson? Rashad McCants? Come on. And of course we trade away Green at the deadline. The one guy who could maybe be a fun player in the future. It's frustrating to see how terribly managed this team is getting.

Yeah, it was fun to see us win, but it's one small positive in a season full of negatives, bone-headed moves, and a complete lack of enthusiasm by players and fans both. It's going to be a long few years until this team is anywhere close to decent again.

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