Sunday, April 27, 2008

Collection Complete

It's a really great feeling when you get to complete something, especially if you're somewhat of a collector by nature. I've always had that collecting urge ever since I was a kid. I was an avid baseball card collector, comic book collector, and toy completist. It was my goal to get all of the action figures in a specific series or the entire run of a comic series or the entire team of a certain sport. It was in my blood.

I've managed to wean myself away from that "need" to have all of a particular thing since, sometimes, it was a money sink and I didn't always need the entire set. For example, I might start reading a comic series and find I really didn't enjoy it, but I'd keep buying it because of my completist nature. I've since broken that habit. Now I just need to break it when buying TV on DVD since I've bought more television DVDs than I can possibly watch in the next few years.

Anyhow, what this is leading up to is me saying that I've finally met one of my remaining completist goals--I just received in the mail the final volume of Lone Wolf and Cub. This 28 volume graphic novel series has been so critically acclaimed since its release that I told myself I needed to get the entire set someday and then sit down and read all the way through it, experiencing the epic as a whole. At about 250 pages a book, that's around 7,000 pages of reading. It's a daunting task, but the set is staring at me from my book shelf every time I walk by it. I'll start it soon... soon.

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