Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

The Minnesota Twins season got underway yesterday as they opened up a home series against the Angels. Being the on-again, off-again baseball fan that I am (currently in the on-again phase), I managed to get out to the opener. I was up in the cheap seats, which are the only seats I ever sit in, for this sold out game which had the much loved Torii Hunter returning to take on his former team.

Truth be told, I figured the Twinkies would get smacked around considering that out of our starting 8 defensive positions there were only three guys playing who started in that position the year before. Oh, and the Angels seem to be decently stacked this year. We didn't lose, however, and pulled out a great 3-2 victory that had Torii going 0 for 4 and striking out in the 9th to Joe Nathan.

Over the course of this season and the next I need to get as much baseball enjoyment in as I can since 2010 will debut the new outdoor Twins stadium. There is no way I would have wanted to be at the game yesterday if it wasn't in the Metrodome. It was around 32 degrees out, snowing like nuts, and windy as hell. You couldn't pay me to sit and watch a game in that crappy of weather.

I know, everyone who is looking forward to the new stadium will say that baseball was meant to be played outdoors, but I heartily disagree, especially in Minnesota. We have the most manic, bi-polar weather in the country. Yesterday it was snow and freezing temps. This weekend it is supposed to be mid-50's, sunny, and gorgeous. Sure, when the weather is perfect, I'd love to watch the Twins outdoors, but when it is a 95 degree, muggy, gross day in July I want to be inside the Dome where it's a cool 68 degrees and I don't have to worry about the guy sitting next to me sliming sweat all over my arm or the smell of thousands of people perspiring in unison.

The Dome will be missed, at least by me.

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