Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guitar Hero Help?

I saw this article up on Geekologie and thought it was hilarious. Someone is willing to pay another person to beat some Guitar Hero songs. What's more hilarious is this person is right here in Minneapolis and actually lives not more than a stone's throw from where I used to live in St. Louis Park.

It's too bad the guy isn't more flexible with his time because I'd totally have my brother come up and do it for a few extra bucks since he'll be up here in a couple of weekends trying to play in the Guitar Hero tournament at Mystic Lake casino.

I was reading the rules for the tournament since it's a pretty big deal having a $20,000 purse with 10K going to the winner. They expect in excess of 2,500 people there, which I could definitely see happening, and I'm sure all of the solid GH players in the area will be hitting it up. Oddly, there's one rule that makes no sense whatsoever:
Qualifying and Quarterfinal Rounds will be played on medium difficulty level. Semifinal Rounds and the Final Round will be played on hard difficulty level.

Really? You're going to have a butt-ton of people there, lots of them really freakin' good, and you're going to have them play on medium to start and then on hard to finish? That's outright ignoring the expert level that almost everyone plays at. Heck, I'm not very good at GH and I still play expert on some songs. Seems pretty counter to having good competition since there will be a lot of really close matches because everyone will be almost (or will be) getting perfect scores. It'll pretty much come down to luck where if the guitar doesn't register a note or something as being the deciding factor.

Anyways, I'm sure it'll be one giant clusterf*ck of a mess, but whatever. That's what Mystic gets for setting this up ass backwards.

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