Monday, June 09, 2008

Guitar Virtuoso

Man, I've really got to hand it to my little brother, Ryan. He sure can play a mean game of Guitar Hero. As I mentioned last week, he was going to be competing in a Guitar Hero competition at Mystic Lake casino over the weekend. He competed, he excelled, and he crushed his opposition to bring home the first place prize of $10,000. Yeah, that's right, he grabbed a 5 figure purse for playing Guitar Hero. Color me jealous.

Every time I watch that kid play I'm in utter amazement. He'll crank the game up to expert and play just about any song, killing it. To me I only see a blur of colored circles streaming down the screen in patterns going too fast for me to adequately comprehend to play the song. I can usually play songs on hard, but expert is beyond me, and most people for that matter.

When Ryan got back to my place after the competition, my mom asked, "Can you believe it?" and all that came to mind was, "Yep, totally." He slays every song he plays and has finished first or second in every Guitar Hero competition he's ever played in so I would have been more surprised if he came home NOT in the top few.

Anyhow, it's pretty kick ass and I'm really happy for the kid. It goes to show that the old adage, "You'll never make any money playing those stupid video games," just isn't true... for a select few people!

Oh, check out the articles and videos about Ryan and the tournament here and here.

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