Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spruce Up Your Monitor

Sometimes I wonder if I have some minor OCD tendencies or am slightly ADD. Heck, I probably have a combination of the two. Now isn't that a dynamic duo of dysfunctions? Anyhow, a small but noticeable annoyance I have with my work computer is that I can't stand having the same image as a background for more than like a day. Considering I stare at my monitor for 8-10 hours a day, the need for something new to look at underneath all of my open applications isn't too irrational, is it?

I've usually just switched up what my background is manually from time to time when I saw something new that I thought would be interesting, but ideally I would have liked to have something that did it for me. I found some background switcher programs, but they just cycled through a directory of pictures or images that I had. I would then find myself sick of what was in that directory. I know, I'm hard to please, but like I said I think it's some mild OCD.

Miraculously I have actually found something that completely cures my need for different background images and provides me with new and interesting pictures as often as I want. This magical freeware program is John's Background Switcher. I love it. It's robust, configurable, and works with most photo file sharing sites out there (and has dual monitor support!).

The way I have it set up now, it switches my background once every hour. And it doesn't just switch the background... it has a feature that makes your background look like it's covered with postcards that were sent to you (or polaroids if you'd rather go that route). It's undeniably unique and I am no longer pissed off when I minimze programs, but am instead happy to look at the new pictures that are there that I have it set to grab from Flickr's top 250 photos pool.

Just thought I'd let everyone know about a cool app I found and love. And, no, I haven't been paid to write this. I just wanted to share a great freeware app.

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