Sunday, January 29, 2012

Titanium Rain Volume 1 by Josh Finney Book Review

Titanium Rain Volume 1Talk about a polarizing effort... I either loved or loathed so many aspects of this book with very little material in the middle ground. First, the good...

--The art is in the quasi-photo-realistic style, which at times yields some truly great scenes. The ground military scenes, in particular, are quite well illustrated and compelling.

--The new future state that is described and laid out is a very interesting take on the future of China and the rest of the first world. I was, frankly, more interested in the various descriptions of the geo-political future history than I was the actual lead story.

--The main character, albeit a naval-gazing, reluctant, emo hero, has some interesting moments throughout.

Now for the bad...

--The art sometimes comes off as really weird looking. There are moments when proportions are wrong (such as places where a person's arm only came down to their waist... human arms are much longer than that) or where the angle taken was just... weird.

--The main story is hardly a story. Since there is so much world building sections tossed in throughout the main arc, usually with no natural reason why they were there, the arc is pretty standard and brief: get to know some pilots, go on one mission, talk with pilots in aftermath, the end.

--This story was obviously set up to be continued in future arcs, but I'm not sure if we'll ever see them, so it might not be worth the time you'd put into this since you don't get very much in the way of payoff.

The foundation for a great future world is laid quite well in Titanium Rain, but it isn't very well utilized in this volume and doesn't look like we'll be getting any further visits in the near future, which is unfortunate. So unless you're interested in future history or world building, I can't really recommend this because everything else is pretty uninteresting.

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