Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TurboTax Business: Intuit Drops the Ball Yet Again

I really wish there was a decent alternative solution for doing multi-proprietor LLC tax filing and K-1 creation to TurboTax because this year I feel like I just wasted over $100 of my LLC's money on this junk software and will probably have to end up either filing by hand or handing off to a tax preparer to do.

The biggest issue is how utterly "glitchy" TurboTax feels this year. Last year's version was smooth enough (not the best experience in the world, but decent enough), but this year I can't even complete my K-1's to distribute to the LLC owners because the application continually hard crashes when filling out the business's information. We're not even talking about getting to the meat of the filing process--this is happening at the very beginning of the process. What adds to this frustration is that Intuit makes getting support difficult. I had to resort to using Twitter to attempt to get any type of help and they still haven't been very responsive or even touched upon the issue encountered.

I realize that the Business version of TurboTax is used by many, many fewer individuals than their other versions, but this doesn't speak well for their entire product line. I had switched from H&R Block's software to TurboTax last year so that I had a uniform experience when doing my business tax filing and personal tax filing, but I may go back to H&R Block for my personal taxes based upon my experience with the Business product.

It's quite baffling to me that Intuit can drop the ball so hard and let their products be so bug-ridden. It's not like they're creating a brand new product. They have an established product and just need to update it each year with the appropriate tax rules and maybe add a feature or two to make it look like they're not getting lazy, but they can't even make a usable product. I wish there was some way I could get get my money back since I most likely won't be able to file my taxes using this piece of garbage and will have to shell out more money to have it done elsewhere.


buck09 said...

Hmm. I just got m W2s yesterday and have been. Is the personal version jacked up too? I basically have the mortgage, student loan interest, child day care, and several other misc. write offs and have never had an issue with the $39 version. I was planning on doing it tonight. Never tried the H&R Block do-it-yourself version. But I'm reluctant to switch up now being a Turbotax user for the last 7 years.

Maybe it's more of filing taxes blows period. But I'll be sure to pay attention to this years version of Turbotax. I'll let you know how it went.

Jon said...

Is there access to a web version?

Rick Gebhardt said...

They don't seem to have a web version for business filing. So that's not much of an option.

As for the personal version, I get the premium or whatever version since I have all of my investing I need to account for, as well as rental property related tax issues (depreciation, rental expenses, etc.). Hopefully the standard version works ok for you.