Thursday, July 18, 2002

Caught in a Time Warp

Back to work and regular summer life after vacation… It always takes at least a couple days to get back into your regular routine after a vacation, no matter how small the vacation is. Work seemed to take forever. I also had plenty of work to do too, so I couldn’t be as laid back as I usually like to. I’ve been working with a bunch of new material so I’ve been learning how to program this stuff while I’m doing it. I realized something yesterday, and that is that I’ve done more programming and actual code-work this summer at my internship than I have most of college. I don’t even want to imagine having to do this for a full-time job when I graduate. I think I’m going to further my education indefinitely and forego the real world. That’s what I’d like to do, but my parents’ pocketbooks and mine seem to tell me differently.

After work I stopped at Best Buy to grab some new cds: Vex Red, Mad at Gravity, and The Vines. If you dig emorock at all, I would suggest checking out Vex Red and Mad at Gravity. Both spectacular bands. Three cds for $27 and some odd cents—that’s the way cds should be priced instead of paying $7 less than that and getting a SINGLE cd at Sam Goody or Musicland. I’m glad that the music I listen to isn’t that popular or I would be paying through the nose for every cd I bought. I always find it amazing that a band who sells a bajillion records also charges the most for their cds while a small band that probably sells a couple hundred thousand copies at MOST, prices their cds at $10 or less at Best Buy and like distributors. You’d think the smaller bands would have higher priced cds since they sell less and the big bands could sell their cds for less since they sell so many more. That would be my logic, but I guess the money-hungry record execs think a little differently than I do.

After I left Best Buy, I went to a friend’s house and he happened to be not home. I hung around for a bit, gave him a call and he said he’d be back in like 10 minutes. Well, an hour and a half later he gets back. I guess he must have got sucked into some time-slowing vortex or something. They seem to run rampant nowadays. While I was waiting I discovered how much of a comic genius Damon Wayans is by joyously watching an entire hour (I wish it could have been longer) of his hit ABC, laugh-out-loud, comedy sitcom…I hope you caught the biting sarcasm contained within that sentence. After my esteemed friend returns to his home we went to play some ultimate frisbee.

We played in a pick-up game here in Roch and as the game went on I got more and more frustrated. First of all, none of these people are actually real frisbee players. I don’t think any of them could ever really cut it on a real team (except a few that had talent but didn’t really know what they were doing). Second, every throw that anyone threw was a travel. They’d always take steps in whichever direction they wanted to if it suited them, and it is really frickin’ hard to mark someone when they just walk away from you before they throw. Third, almost all of the throws made were longer than 20 yards and about half were just long tosses towards the end zone. No continuity, no flow, no movement, just long tosses all the time. Fourth, after about an hour of playing the game got so slow. It seemed like everyone just gave up or got extra lazy. I don’t know if they were all out of shape or just bored or what, but the lack of energy made it even less fun to play. Finally, the people who played would rarely throw it to anyone besides people they know and since I didn’t know anyone on my team, I hardly got the disc. They just assumed I was no good. I was severely disappointed by the play and I miss our college practices and tournaments a lot now after playing for a night with all of these ass-clowns here in Roch. Well, that’s about it.

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