Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Getting Back Into the Swing

Finally, orientation is over. I have said many, many prayers of thanks that it is finally done and I’ll actually have time to get my stuff accomplished and get ready for class, which today is the first day of. I get to start off the year today with classes in astronomy and a math course on algorithms and concurrency. Tomorrow I have my other two classes, ancient philosophy and theory of computation. The only class that I’m actually looking forward to taking is ancient philosophy. The others I could all do without, but alas, I need to take them in order to graduate. Oh, before I forget, there was one good thing about orientation over the last few days, and that is that I met a really cool bennie who was teamed up with me for an orientation group lunch thingy. We both happen to share a lot of common friends but have never met each other, and she also digs cool music, which is hard to find in most girls. I guess that and the $150 might have made doing orientation worth it…I’ll get back to you later on that.

It’s kind of weird being back now. All summer I was with the improv group and we had a blast and got so close to each other and now I come back up to SJU to be back with all my college friends, leaving all my home friends to go wherever they will go. I love the idea of meeting new people up here (and I already have met some really cool people) and being back with the guys, but I also miss the people from home a lot. Many kids, I’ve noticed, that when they get to college they cut most of their home ties with friends and other people and embrace wherever they’re going to college fully. I guess I just couldn’t quite break all those ties. There are many, many people from home that once I graduated I never really talked to them much anymore, even though they might have been my friends in high school. Others, though, managed to be great friends that I couldn’t just toss to the wind. Even after three full years of college I still miss some of those friends from home. I am very glad to say, however, that I got some sweet college friends that I love just as much. I think I’m just trying to say that it’s always a weird time for me as I come back to college, especially this year knowing that it may be my last. Well, more to come later. I have class I need to get to.

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