Monday, August 26, 2002


Ok, so I volunteered to be an orientation leader for SJU, along with a couple of friends. This seemed like a good idea when we signed up because we got $150 for doing it and in the past we've seen that the OA's (orientation leaders) didn't really do much. Karl and I now realize that it would be more enjoyable to be shot in the face repeatedly with a 9mm then to do this ever again. This is some of the first free time I've had in the last three days and it looks as if I won't have very much coming my way until Wednesday night. The only reason I have this free time right now is because I'm skipping out on some of the stuff I'm supposed to be at. I figured my group could figure out how to listen to a couple speakers on their own. I really didn't need to hold their hand through it.

Well, I'm almost entirely moved in now. I just went through the last two unopened tubs of junk I brought up. I have a pretty clean and wide open room right now since Karl and I both packed somewhat light (I fit almost all of my stuff in my car (a '94 Saturn), along with my brother and myself when I moved in on Friday). One thing that is quite messy in our room is my desk. You see, my desk is attached to the wall and there is no way to get cords to plug in from below the desk to the plug-ins above the desk. Because of this, I have a massive mess of cords in one corner of my desk. I will probably post a picture of it soon to explain better. I can't understand why they wouldn't have a small opening or hole somewhere for us to put our cords for our computers and other things through. I'll have to just deal, I guess.

I'm headed out in a couple of minutes to pick up some final things that we need for our apartment, like a VCR, some butter, stereo wire, and other junk like that. After that it's off to see an Attention Starved Children show for orientation. They're SJU's improv group. They're a lot like Strike Team Improv that I was in this summer, except not nearly as good (sorry for sounding cocky, but it is quite true). I will hopefully be in Attention Starved this year, along with Karl and Pat from Strike Team. With us and some other good new people, we're hoping that we can maybe turn the group around a little and make it more like an actual improv group--not the sorta-improv group that ASC is right now. We'll see. I might not even get in, but I'm hoping I can. Anyways, I'm off to St. Cloud now. Then more orientation crap. Someone please come take me out of my misery........

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