Saturday, August 24, 2002

I'm Back!

I'm back and all moved into (mostly) Virgil Michel 110. That's right, no stairs to go up at all this year. I'm flipping out with joy. After moving my brother in at Iowa State on Wednesday and carrying all of his crap up to the third floor (which in actuality, from the ground level is like the fifth floor--there's a main and ground floor before you even get to the first one). I carried most of his junk up the stair myself while Randy registered for crap, my mom and grandma cleaned up his room as they moved stuff in, and my dad waited in line with Ryan to get the couch and fridge onto the elevator. On the other hand, I had quite the easy time moving in. I packed most of what I needed for the year into my car, along with my little brother Ryan, and took off yesterday for here. Me, Ryan, and Andy unloaded my car in no time, I put most of everything away, hooked up the computer, and BAM! I'm ready to rock for the year already. The amount of empty space in mine and Karl's room is a little disturbing, however. We've both been used to having loads of junk all over. Now it's off to orientation crap for the next couple days so I don't know when I'll be in to write. Sorry, but I'll get something new up as soon as they give me some free time.

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