Monday, August 12, 2002

One Last Time

Ok, so I guess I can still upload stuff to my website on and off here at work since the proxy server isn’t fully functional yet. So here’s a new post for you. Ahh, the weekend. It was a good, but somewhat sad weekend. Friday was our last improv performance of the summer. Since it was our last we put on a two and a half hour performance with all of our members (sans Pat) performing. Pat was out of town being a camp counselor for the week. It was a little different without him in the show, but we did our best without him. Our turnout for the show was huge. We had all the available chairs sold out within 3-5 minutes of opening the doors. I was impressed. The standing room filled up just as fast in the next 25 minutes. We couldn’t believe the amount of people crammed in to the theater. We all couldn’t help but be extra happy as we came onto the stage.

The show went great with us doing most of the games we’d performed this summer along with one new game just for the last performance. I think the crowd enjoyed our addition of “185”. If you don’t know what it is, look it up in google with relation to improv games. After the show, we all schmoozed with the crowd like usual, but after the crowd left and we were left to clean up, it really hit me that this was our last show. I probably wouldn’t be seeing half of these people until next summer again. It’s so hard to leave such great friends, but yet be returning to other great friends at college. It’s just so weird during these college years how you constantly jump from one group of friends to another all of the time. There seems to be no sense of continuity. I guess I just miss having an absolute consistent group of friends. Karl always manages to be around, though…… :-)

After the show we all went out to AppleBee’s to hang out. The mood was peppy, but somewhat somber as well. We all knew it was the end for the summer. I even think on the ride home a tear might have squeaked out of my eye, but I sure won’t admit it. Hopefully, this group can get back together again next summer for more improvisational hijinx.

Saturday, I caught a small one act play with Karl that two of our friends, Gabe and Ryan, were in. It was a half hour comedy take on Robin Hood that was geared towards little kids. It was cute and was a good way for me to burn an hour in the afternoon. Afterwards, Karl and I went and picked up a few pounds of hot dogs and burgers for Tuesday’s get together at Karl’s place. Ahh, the wonders of Sam’s Club. Only there can you get 4 lbs. of hot dogs for a mere $5.00. Lovely, lovely.
That night I watched Fellowship of the Ring with my brothers and dad. My brother Ryan and my dad had yet to see it. They both enjoyed it but were somewhat disappointed by the end since it leaves the audience with no closure. Ryan was verbally mad and wanted to see the second one right then. Good thing it comes out in a couple months for him to see (and me as well).

Sunday was a nice laid back day. My mom and two brothers came with me to the demolition derby in Austin. It’s unbelievable how the metal carnage of cars hitting each other excites me so much. I almost feel ashamed for getting such a thrill out of sheer destruction. I guess that’s our primal instincts for you. They left the track somewhat drier than usual so there were some real wicked hits that just completely broke cars. Tires came off left and right, a couple drive trains broke, one car was t-boned almost in half, more than a few fires, and bumpers & metal were strewn across the entire playing field. It was like one of those post-apocalyptic forms of entertainment you see in the movies. I was waiting for Master Blaster to come over the intercom to start announcing.

We got back, and I took off on my bike for a nice 15 mile bike ride and then played softball at our church for the evening. We had a large turnout for softball, but most of them were young kids, which can be good and bad. It’s good because it shows we’ll have a following for quite a few years but it also makes for a less intense game. Even tradeoffs, I guess.

I also watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on Sunday. Yes, call me a nerd, but I like Star Trek (well, except for that crap they call Voyager and Enterprise). Even after all the years that it’s been since I’ve seen this movie, it is still as good as I’ve remembered it. I will say that this movie is a spectacular film, and would say that even if it wasn’t Trek. The battle of wills between Khan and Kirk are great. The quoting of Shakespeare—awesome. The final battle, which reminds me so much of a couple of submarines slugging it our, was so tense. I’m so glad I picked up the special edition DVD that just came out. Quite a good use of $20.

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