Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Time Slowly Slides By

You know what? You never know how long an hour is until you have to try and kill it. The phrase “time flies when you’re [insert activity here]” is so true, but only when you have the brackets filled in. Time does not fly on its own. Yesterday, for me, was a perfect example of this. I was supposed to go to a movie with a friend of mine yesterday after I got done with work. I called her during the early afternoon to see when and where we should meet up. She was busy at the moment and said she’d call back in a half hour or so. That was no problem with me. I went back to working waiting for a call. I finished my day at work without a call. Ok, I’ll just go burn some time at the mall for a bit, and I had to take some clothes back for my brother anyhow so it’ll work out fine.

I took back my brother’s stuff and gave Bridget a call again. No answer on her cell phone so I also called her house but found out she was gone. Ok, she must be doing something. About five minutes later I notice I had a message on my cell phone. She must have called at the same time I was calling her house. The message told me to call her cell, so I did, and was promptly redirected to her voice-mail right off the bat. Hmm…she must be on the phone.

I tooled around the mall for a bit longer, looking at Hot Topic, Suncoast, and Software Etc. I also talked to Charlie from improv at Tradehome shoes for a bit. I called Bridget again—still redirected to her voice-mail. Walked around for a while longer and headed out to my car. Called her again—redirected. I was done waiting so I left her a message saying I was going home, and I then left for home. I got home, no call yet, so I called her cell again—redirected. Left a message saying I was home now and we’d have to do a movie another night. That whole time I was waiting for a call was only about two hours, but it seemed like a day and a half. Killing time isn’t easy—it’s a tricky beast.

I eventually got a message from her that said her cell’s batteries died so that would explain the constant redirection to her voice-mail. Oh well.

The rest of the night was uneventful and somewhat boring. I lifted for a bit, ate supper with my family, did some reading, watched part of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back with my brother and one of his friends, and then went off to bed. End of day, repeat tomorrow.

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