Monday, September 30, 2002

Disc Tourney

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a bit, but this weekend I was at home and in Northfield for an ultimate tournament. The tourney went quite well. There were 16 teams there and we were ranked 13th coming into the tournament. We managed to shock a few teams and we finished 6th overall. We had a very good two days of tournament beating Notre Dame, University of Kansas, and some Ohio team. We lost to St. Olaf (but should have won, if only they didn’t have about five 10 foot tall behemoths on their team), St. Cloud State, and Iowa State. Our team looked quite impressive when we had the right line combinations on the field. We have a couple of guys who are very big defensive liabilities and when they end up on the field during a defensive point, we’re usually screwed because they become horribly out of position or get burned deep to the end zone for scores. Our team, as a whole, also has a hard time keeping a force on as we allowed a lot of breaks during the games (a break is where someone throws to the opposite side of the field than the one you are trying to defend). Besides those two things, our team did quite well.

I am a tad bit sore from the whole weekend, since my feet aren’t used to cleats yet. My calves are also pretty tight from all of the running that we did this weekend. I think if I take a couple of days off, though, I should be back to normal. Hopefully I should have some pictures up from this tournament in a few days.

Friday night, before the tourney, I went with Anne to her old high school’s homecoming game. It was pretty fun, actually, as a lot of people remembered me from doing Strike Team Improv this summer. I must have had five or six different people come up to me and ask how I was doing and I had no clue who they were until they told me that they remembered me from STI. I also got to see a lot of people from Rochester that I hadn’t seen since summer. Unfortunately, Lourdes lost their homecoming game in overtime so it was a little disappointing for all the Lourdes kids there.

Well, I’m a little tired so I’m going to have to leave this short. More to come later.

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