Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Hmm... French? Yep.

Let me start off today by saying that the French are weird. No, wait, that’s not what I wanted to say, what I meant to say is that the French are like theatre majors on crack and living in an insane asylum. Where does this definition of the French come from? Brotherhood of the Wolf. Karl, Jeff, Ryan, Jared, and I watched this movie late last night because we had been waiting for a long time to see it. Karl and I saw the previews about a year ago and were looking forward to seeing it in the theaters but it never came to either Rochester of St. Cloud so we never got the chance to see it. Yesterday it came out on dvd so I picked it up in the late afternoon and Karl decided we must watch it that night. So we did.

Let’s just start by saying that this movie is not what I expected. Most of the movie I was confused—this could stem from the fact that we didn’t start it until after midnight and I was kind of sleepy, but it also comes from the mish-mash of genres this film is. Read any review of the film and it will talk about how just about everything is tossed into this movie and I have to agree. There’s a wanky political struggle, most of the movie is a flashback, you have some bad-ass werewolf/wolverine concoction killing people, there is a love plot involving the main character and a princess, witchcraft brings people back from the dead, Jesus imagery abounds, there are some Matrix-esque action sequences, and it is all supposedly based loosely around a pseudo-real French folk tale. The combination of this movie being so weird and me being as tired as I was made for a somewhat surreal experience and I will definitely have to rewatch this movie to get another taste of it to see if I can’t decipher some of it a little better.

Yesterday was also a beautifully gorgeous day out—not your average cold fall day. I really wish that Mother Nature would make up here mind as to what season it really is right now, but then again I also have to realize that I am living in Minnesota. I tried to enjoy the nice weather as much as I could. I went for a 4 mile run and as I did I got to see many of the trees changing colors. The season of God’s beauty is upon us. Every year I look forward to this season just for the sheer beauty of nature and the kaleidoscope of colors you can see walking or running through the woods. I also took a little walk down to the lake at the early evening of yesterday just to look out over the lake and reflect. I think one of the signs of actually growing up is when you actually start to reminisce about days of your past. I had recently been talking with a few of my friends about our childhood and how we all missed it so much. It really made me quite sad talking about the past and remembering how much I loved my childhood. As I looked across the lake I wondered to myself what I would be thinking in 10 years about what I am doing now. Will I look back fondly upon these years as I do my childhood, or will I still long for my childhood as much as I do now? I guess I’ll see when that time comes. For now, I’m just going to enjoy the world around me and try to be that little kid again.

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