Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Rogue Squad, The Ongoing Story

Finally, a game without controversy. The Rogue Squad played last night and for once one of our games didn’t end with questions in everyone’s mind as to if we should have, could have, or would have won. Nope, last night we just plain old lost! This brings our record to a whopping 0-5, keeping us at the absolute bottom of the pack. I thought the game was going to be a horrible blow-out considering we were down 9-1 at half time, but we actually outscored them 8-3 in the second half to only lose by a score of 12-9. That second half of frisbee was the best our team has ever played so it was fun to be there for that. We have one game left in the regular season on Thursday, I believe. I wonder if we’ll go a solid 0-6 on the season? We can only wait and see.

Onto another sport—volleyball. My volleyball team has started playoffs on both our Sunday and Tuesday leagues. Even though we’ve advanced to one game away from the championship on Sunday night, we were eliminated yesterday from the Tuesday night playoffs, unfortunately, but that’s not the only thing we lost. We lost one of our all-star girls, Kate, to a badly sprained ankle. She went up for a spike and came down on one of the guys on the other team’s foot. He had came under the net with his feet and when Kate came down from her spike she turned it pretty bad on his foot. It wasn’t pretty looking and it swelled up extremely fast. Thank goodness nothing was broken or torn. After she went down we really didn’t have the motivation to play with her out and couldn’t pull off the third game.

Another random transition……to the Leonid meteor shower. I don’t know if any of you caught the show, but it was pretty good. This year’s shower was not quite as good as last year’s, however, as the moon was out this year whereas it was not out last year. It was still beautiful and enjoyable. Nikki came and woke Karl and I up at 4:00 am to go out and watch it with her and her roommate. The thing I didn’t anticipate was the strong wind and biting cold. It had been a nice day all that day, but since we’d gone to bed the temperature had dropped significantly and the wind picked up so much that it was so cold laying out on the ground. Because of this, we only stayed to watch the shower for about 45 minutes. I truly enjoyed the time that I had out there to watch it, though, as it was a very beautiful shower. I should get extra credit in my astronomy class for going out to watch it.

Speaking of classes, I am pretty sure that I’ve just gotten the lowest grade on an exam that I have ever gotten in my three and a half years of college. I received back the test I took in computational theory yesterday and found the grade marked on the back “75”, which is a solid C. I was not happy as I think I could have done better. The questions on the test were not quite the type that I had expected, but I should have been prepared for all options. I felt a little better knowing that the class average was a 71……but only a little bit better. I really don’t know why I didn’t do better. I understand the concepts that we go over, I constantly ask questions, and I make stupid, smart-ass remarks about what we’re going over (which obviously shows I get it, if I can formulate jocular statements about what we’re doing J ). For some reason, though, I just screwed up this test, and by doing so I brought my class grade down to an 86, a B. Grrr……and then today I also get my Astronomy test back since he didn’t have them corrected for Monday. That should be fun as well…or not. At least that class I can take pass/fail, mainly because it sucks and I don’t enjoy going to it at all because all we do is go over crap.

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