Friday, November 22, 2002


Well, I got that astronomy test back that I was awaiting……I think I could have waited longer. I managed to somehow come out with a “BC” on it, which isn’t great, but again is slightly higher than the class average. With this test I’m getting about a “B” overall in that class, which isn’t too bad considering I usually go to only one out of every two classes and don’t do any homework for the class, mainly because it is busy-work and a waste of my time. I read the book (because I don’t learn anything in class because all we do is tool around the entire time on nonsensical nonsense) and get just as much from that as from anything else in this class. I’m not too worried about my grade as I am just going to take it pass/fail so all I have to do is get a “C” or better and then I receive a pass, which doesn’t affect my GPA but gives me credit for the class.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here at SJU for most of the students. Since we aren’t here over break, SJU celebrates thanksgiving dinner the Thursday before it is actually thanksgiving. It’s always a nice community feeling to be able to go to the nice, formal dinner they have……except for when your group gets turned away. I had a group I wanted to take to dinner yesterday and they had to be signed up before-hand in order to go. This was no big deal as that’s the way it always was so I went to sign up our group on Wednesday. As I asked to have our group signed up, they told me that all members of my group needed to be present there. Why? “Because you just need to have them here.” I repeat, why? “That’s just the way it has to be done.” How stupid is that? I couldn’t just call everyone and make them come there because some of them were at work and some were at home off-campus and I wouldn’t want them to drive all the way in. It was so completely asinine and even if all the members of my group were free, it just seems so stupid to have to have them all come in order for me to sign up a group. So instead Chen and I cooked a meal at our apartment for our group.

Thanksgiving dinner at our place wasn’t quite the traditional type of dinner you’d have. There was no turkey, no mashed potatoes, no cranberries, and none of the traditional fixings. Instead, we cooked beef chow mein, shrimp stir-fry, rice, and veggies and broke out a bottle of Merlot. It was a decidedly asian style thanksgiving dinner (which is more than fine with me as I love asian food). Lorri, Kate, and Megan came over to share dinner with Chen and I and Lorri even brought dessert in a home-made cake. I can say I honestly enjoyed this dinner at our place much more than some stupid formalized dinner at the reef. It just felt so much more homely to make the food ourselves and have it at our place. There were supposed to be two other people over for dinner, but they couldn’t make it, unfortunately. Now I only wonder how my family’s actual thanksgiving dinner will compare to this one, because I’ll probably be doing the cooking for that one as well. I’ll let you know when the time comes!

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