Monday, November 25, 2002

Woken Up

Well, this post is coming to you as I try to stay functioning this morning because of a hefty lack of sleeping last night. For some reason it was one of those nights where you just can’t sleep and instead just toss and turn trying to get comfy and make yourself go to sleep while not succeeding at all. I finally managed to nod off around 3 am or so and then you can only guess what happens. Someone calls at 4 am just to be stupid (and yes, I will kick your ass later on—Hank). I couldn’t really get back to sleep so I am in the process of hardly functioning right now. Holding my eye-lids open right now is a workout in itself so maybe I won’t have to go lift later……naw, I better so I don’t get any fatter.

Friday night we had a few people come hang out, which turned into a bunch, which turned into a bunch of people really drunk (all together a great amount of alcohol was consumed at our place Friday). It was really fun, though, except as the night started to wind down and people started passing out……I mean, “going to bed”. I ended up staying up and taking care of one particular person and then sleeping on the floor next to her to make sure she made it through the night ok. Just call me mommy Rick.

Saturday morning, we all rolled out of bed nice and late. After everyone was up, Chen and I cooked a nice homemade breakfast for everyone that consisted of pancakes and hash browns. Once we started getting down to the end of the pancake batter we decided to use up all that was left to make one uber-pancake. It actually turned out pretty sweet, although it did take two of us with spatulas, working in tandem, to flip it over. We all decided that doing breakfast on the weekends is going to have to become a trend, but I’m going to suggest someone else do the cooking occasionally.

Saturday night we had a big party at our place for Erica’s birthday (pictures can be found here). There were about 70 people invited so I was expecting it to be a ginormous party with an overload of drunk freshmen showing up, but we actually only had about 30 or so people come over. It was pretty packed in our place, but at least there wasn’t an overabundance of drunk kids like I thought there would be. I hardly knew many of the people there, as you will be able to tell from the pictures. The place cleared out around 11, though, as most everyone went over to the pub for a dance and free food (I also went since everyone left our place). I’m not much of a pub type person so I was there only for a little bit and then Nicole came and rescued me. I felt so old there but I didn’t want to just leave by myself and hang out by my lonesome back home so luckily she came to find Amanda and found me in the process.

We were back at our place as the night was winding down and my apartment-mates had returned and some of the people from across the hall were hanging out at our place. We were all just chilling, eating some cake, when a wonderful cake fight suddenly broke out. I don’t really remember how it started, but I’m pretty sure Nicole started it……or maybe me, like I said I don’t really remember. After we had made a thorough mess, Jared, making an astute observation for being very drunk, pointed out that we made it the entire night without a mess being made of the cakes by all the drunk people and then the two sober people of the night show up and make one. Oh well. It was fun, however, to watch Jared with the vacuum cleaning up some of the mess. Well, I’m almost off work so I’ll be done for now. More to come later.

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