Monday, November 18, 2002

Who's Number One?

Yippee!!! The Vikings beat Green Bay!!! I get extremely worked up for only three games during the football season—the Super Bowl and both of the Vikings/Packers games, so obviously this game meant a good deal to me. Mostly it is important just for bragging rights against all of the lame-o Packer fans here on campus. It’s so fun pointing out how the #1 team in the NFL fell to one of the crappiest. Hehehehe, ok I’m done with that.

Ok, so after the Vikes won, I didn’t think the day could get any better, but oh how it did. Volleyball playoffs started last night and our team came in ranked 9th out of 22. Not bad, but I think we should have been ranked higher. We started off by playing the 12th place team…they didn’t show up so we won by forfeit. Checking the bracket, it looked like we were going to play the #1 seed next, and that #1 seed belonged to my good pal, Jeff, and his team. This would be quite the match-up.

Jeff was pretty confident that his team would win and I also thought that it would be a good game. It didn’t turn out that way, however, as we dominated the first two games for the win, 15-2 and 15-6! Our team played so well together. We were firing on all cylinders—no missed serves (well, a couple), good blocking, precise hits, and lots of good teacupping action. For those of you who don’t play volleyball, when the other team is hitting against you, you have one or two people go up for the block and then you have two or three people form in close around the blocker to pick up tip shots and deflections. We’ve had a hard time doing that all year and so many teams took us apart with good tipping, but we’ve managed to finally get a good teacup going.

Our team was so stoked to win, and to win so well last night and I was so glad to see us all do so well. Hopefully we can continue our good play of late and possibly pull off a championship run. If we win our next game, we move on to the championship game because we have a one round bye since we knocked off the #1 seed. I’m guessing if we make it to the championship it will be a rematch against Dirkis’ team. They are a fine volleyball team, and they are one of the few teams to beat us. Last time we played them we lost in the third game 17-15 so we know it’ll be close if it ends up us playing each other.

Oh, I get my astronomy test back today. That should be fun. I’m pretty sure it destroyed me. I’ll find out soon. Let’s hope for the best.

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