Saturday, November 16, 2002

Well, We Couldn't Do It

0-4……that should say enough. Yes, the Rogue Squad lost their fourth straight making us the only winless team. Was this game marred by controversy just as the last three were? Yes, yes it was. I am starting to think that our team must have some horribly negative karma or something because it is as if nothing swings our way. Here’s how this one went.

The game was tied 9-9 and the time ran out. As you know from the last thought, the rules say we should play to 3 above the tied score and win by two. Both captains agreed to that, and the other team scored the final point so it was 10-9. We were prepared to play more, but a tennis team made up of elderly men claimed it was their time to use the Palestra, which it wasn’t because we had it until 9:30 pm and it was only 9:10 pm. The treated us horribly and one man, the head of their league, even went and stood on the field while we were playing our game and wouldn’t get off of it so we had to play around him. Because of the horrible attitude of the tennis players we were unable to finish our game and we had to end it with the other team winning. We have expressed our great annoyance, disappointment, and anger to the intramural and sporting office once again and I hope that they will show us the respect we deserve.

Well, we can’t do anything about it now so let’s move on to a lighter note. Yesterday Karl and I went to see the new Steven Seagal and Ja Rule action flick, “Half Past Dead”. If you’ve seen the previews for it, I’m sure most people have thought it looks absolutely horrible. We also thought it would be extremely bad, but we wanted to see it anyways because we like bad movies for some odd reason. We went in thinking it would just be unbelievably bad, but it turned out that the movie was only sort of bad. It was actually watchable……if you could manage to turn your brain off for an hour and a half.

Now for an update on the search for Josh. I got this in my email yesterday and it explains somewhat what has been going on.
What has been done so far:
A ground search covering 20 square miles has been completed by law enforcement, fire departments, military personnel, volunteers and mounted patrol. Helicopters covered the same area and extended their search out further. All buildings on the St. John’s campus have been searched, to include roof tops and tunnels (some, 3 and 4 times). Most buildings in the 20 square mile search area have been checked. At the beginning of the search, all vehicles on campus at that time were checked. Bloodhounds and Search/Rescue dogs were used. Divers have searched and dragged Stumpf lake. All major media had been contacted and the missing person information has been broadcasted. Flyers have been posted in the area. A broadcast message was sent statewide via the Crime Alert Network. Tri-County Crime Stoppers has posted the information with a reward. Stearns County Detectives have been conducting interviews and following up on leads. FBI agents have also been involved in the case. Today, Stearns County Sheriff's Department sent Search/Rescue Dogs and divers back into the Stumpf Lake/stone bridge area. We have not been able to find Joshua so far.

Future Plans:
Detectives will continue to follow up on leads. The search will continue by law enforcement personnel only. When and if additional help is needed, the St. John’s community will be contacted for help (volunteers). We ask that anyone that may have saw a suspicious vehicle or person on campus Saturday night, or saw Joshua walking home after midnight, contact either St. John’s Life Safety Services at #2144 or the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department at 251-4240. We would like to thank all of the volunteers that assisted in the search and the individuals that have provided support over the past few days.

Beginning this Sunday, and continuing each Sunday until Joshua Guimond is located, a petition will be included in the Prayers of the Faithful during Mass in the Abbey Church. Community members of all faith traditions are encouraged to pray, meditate, and/or contemplate regularly to hasten Josh's safe return and for family and friends to persevere during this difficult time.

I would like to re-post a brief section of yesterday's update as a reminder to community members to re-commit to mindful living:
Students, as always, should do those things that are important to be safe: don't do anything that would compromise your abilities or judgment, don't travel alone, call ahead to friends who are expecting you and call friends and family to confirm safe arrival. Pay attention and report unusual behaviors or suspicious people.
It is essential that we care for others during this time and take good care of ourselves, too. Ask friends and family how they're doing. Utilize the counseling resources available.

The family has set up a "Find Josh" fund at a bank in Maple Lake. As we receive details about how to send financial support, that information will be distributed via email and on the website:
In addition, the Jacob Wetterling Foundation in St. Joseph has graciously produced color flyers with Josh's picture on them that are available for distribution. Anyone who wants to distribute flyers can pick them up at the foundation office, which is at 33 West Minnesota Street in St. Joseph.

I wish each of you a restful weekend, and my hope is to share good news soon. These updates will be periodic rather than daily as new information comes to light.

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