Monday, March 10, 2003

Why Do Computers Always Have to Suck?

I’m finally back, whew! So now you’ve got a lot to catch up on. Well, I was at home for the middle of last week (Tuesday through Friday), which was very relaxing, but frustrating at the same time. I loved being home and seeing my family again, but I also had to get a wireless network set up in our house so that all of our computers could go on our new satellite internet at the same time. I didn’t think it would be too hard, and it wasn’t, but there definitely was still some snags that drove me nuts. Getting the wireless router all set up was mostly painless, although for a while it just didn’t work and then it miraculously started which was a good thing for it because I was ready to snap its little plastic spine over my knee if it didn’t work for me. Hooking up two out of the three computers was no sweat, but the third was trouble. For some reason the external wireless adapter I was using just didn’t get the right signal, but as soon as I put in the internal card that I had it worked fine. Weird. Now the frustrating thing is……one of the computers isn’t working with the network at home. It still wants to dial-up. Grrr……I can’t really do much up here at college so they might unfortunately just have to wait a couple weeks for me to get home to use the internet on that one computer.

The rest of the time that I was at home was mostly spent just hanging out at my house with my family and Kristin (she came down to visit with me, which was very nice). It was also nice to have a few home-cooked meals that weren’t actually cooked by me! My mommy actually hit the kitchen for some cooking, which usually doesn’t happen that often, but it was well appreciated this last week. One day, because we really didn’t have anything better to do, since my parents were at work and my brother was at school, we went to Rochester for the day. I got to give Kristin the tour of our huge, metropolitan city, and by huge and metropolitan I meant like St. Cloud and kind of boring. We did a lot of shopping and she came home with a Simpsons trivia game while I managed to grab a couple of dvds. It was really fun being home.

Now after I got back up here, I had a frisbee tourney here in St. Cloud on Saturday and Sunday. We got there early on Saturday and started warming up before finding out that we weren’t supposed to be there in the tourney. I guess they didn’t get our entry fee, since our club representative didn’t get a check out to them, and they were mad so they had bumped us out of the tourney. Luckily one of the teams that was supposed to show up had to cancel out and we got to take their spot. We started the first day by going 3-2, which is a very good opening day record for us. Usually we are right at .500 or below. The two games we lost were pretty close and I think we could have easily won at least one of them. The best victory of the day came when we played the SJU alumni team. I really, really wanted to beat them so bad because a couple of the alumni just really rub me the wrong way. I got my wish and we won, while in the process posterizing a couple of the chumps that we don’t really like on their team.

The second day of the tournament we lost our first game but won the rest and took home the consolation championship. Now in any normal system that would be third place, but because of the different way they set up the brackets here it was fifth place. I still think that was a pretty respectable finish for us, especially knowing that there were 16 teams there. I really think our youth and overall team quickness is what did it for us. The second day during some of the later games we were just faster and had more energy for the duration of the games. I wish we would have come home with some type of hardware for winning consolation, but they didn’t have anything for us…err, wait…yes they did. We managed to come home with the giant “Welcome Frisbee Players” sign that they had in the gym to put up in our apartment, so at least we didn’t go home empty handed.

Now spring break has come to an end, my last spring break actually, and it is back to schoolwork for another month and a half. It is so crazy knowing that there is less than a two months of school left. I’ll probably be at the steps of the Abby for commencement before I know it. Time seems to move along quickly like that. In the meantime before that comes around, I’m going to be busy with schoolwork, especially this week as I have a paper due tomorrow, a novel to read by Thursday, and also a paper to be written by Thursday. It’ll definitely be a kick in the pants to get going again as I just got off of a week of doing a whole lot of nothing. Well, I might as well get started now……but it’s not all bad because it is good to be back.

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