Friday, June 06, 2003

Opening Night for Strike Team Improv

So, tonight is our first Strike Team Improv show of the summer. I’m thinking we’re ready, and I hope to see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. Our show is going to be a lot more professional this year as we have a lot of additions from last year.

First, we have a new member, Becka, who has taken the spot vacated by Erin who is sadly not with us this summer. Second, our stage is a lot different. It’s raised about three feet off of the ground this year instead of the measly foot it was last year, so we should be easily visible even from the back seats. Also new for the stage is the background that we made. We have a huge painting with our name and two characters on it—Strikey and Strikebot. Strikey was our mascot last year (he looks a little like a sailor) and this year we’d added Strikebot.

I really like the addition of Strikebot, and the way we have it painted, one team’s mascot will be Strikey while the other’s will be Strikebot. This gives each show a little more of a visible rivalry. That, and they also look bad-ass. I’m hoping to get some pictures of them up sometime soon. Oh, we also have a nice sound system for our shows too, so we’ll be doing more music intros and clips during the show. I don’t know how well that will work out, but we’ll know after tonight. More stuff—we’ve also got tech people this summer. Someone is doing all the music work and then we have people doing lighting too.

Thinking about it now, we’ve really made a big jump from last year to this year. I’m getting more anxious for the show now! The only drawback about our shows is that we can only seat about 100-120 people per show and more often that not last year we had to turn people away because we were at capacity. I remember our final show of the summer last year when we had people waiting outside almost an hour before the show started so that they could get in and get a good seat. If we have that strong of a showing this year, it’ll be wonderful.

Now on another note, today is also another special day. It just so happens to be Kristin’s and my sixth month anniversary. Hard to imagine it’s been half a year already. I guess time just flies along, but just to put it in perspective in my mind, I started thinking about my grandparents 50th anniversary which they are celebrating this year and I realized that our six months is only 1/100 of how long they’ve been together. Whoa…… That seems so weird a statistic. Any way you look at it, though, it’s been a great last six months, and who knows, maybe in a year you’ll be reading about our 18th month anniversary.

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