Thursday, June 12, 2003

Sulphuric Acid Today

This morning was a very important morning, one that will not soon be forgotten. The importance of this morning only comes once every year. Many people dread this day, some enjoy it, others would rather avoid it and put it off as long as they can. I, on the other hand, simply experience it. Yes, you may have guessed, today is the one day of the year that I have to visit the dentist.

I really never mind going to the dentist very much, mostly because I’ve never had any problem with my teeth—no cavities, no gum disease, and no other oral maladies. One of my front teeth, however, is partially fake as I had it knocked out with a baseball bat, by my neighbor, at church softball, when I was about 10. This visit went quite smoothly once again, but I was a little disconcerted by having my teeth cleaned by an intern. I think the main reason I was leery of having an intern do it is because I am an intern so I know how horribly out of my league I am with some of the projects here in the office. It turned out ok, though, so I won’t complain.

My dentist looked over my teeth after they had been clean and let me know how wonderful of a job I do keeping them clean. He did have one concern, though, in that there was some decalcification on my bottom two wisdom teeth. They wouldn’t have to be removed, I was assured, but they would have to be sealed. Before they can be sealed, though, he would have to chisel down into them, clean them out, and then seal over it. This makes sure that there is no residue or anything that could cause decay underneath the sealant. I’m not exactly looking forward to it because he said he could do it “relatively painless”, which to me means, “it’s gonna hurt, but not enough to give you drugs for it.” I’m scheduled to have this done July 3rd. I’ll tell you how it goes then.

As I was working this morning, I received an email from Kristin and she ended the email with the chemical formula, H2SO4. Not remembering exactly what chemical this was, I looked out on the internet to find out what this formula stood for. I eventually found out that it is the chemical formula for sulfuric acid. In my quest, however, I stumbled upon a very interesting site – Sulfuric Acid Today. It appears that this chemical has warranted its own site and magazine. You can actually subscribe to Sulfuric Acid Today. This utterly blew my mind. Since it did, I thought I’d pass on the info to you. Don’t thank me, I’m just trying to bring a little slice of joy to every one of you.

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