Monday, September 08, 2003

Ante Up

I may not get to the casino in a while, but I have found a way to have some great gambling fun right here on the good ‘ol SJU campus. Friday night was gambling night at our place……at least it was supposed to be at our place, but it got moved to Amanda’s apartment in St. Joseph. I was initially a little bit pissed off that it got moved, but there was a good reason, which I will explain later.

Before our gambling escapades, I had to take Kristin in to work at Things Remembered in the mall. We grabbed some food at Arby’s and picked up dimes for playing poker and then she got to get down to business engraving things for a few hours. While she was at work I ran a bunch of errands—took back a dvd to Target, picked up a few things at the comic shop, got some cords for hooking up Kristin’s VCR and DVD player to her tv at Best Buy, and picked up a bottle of whiskey as a gift for one of our friends who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. After I finished with my errands, I went over to Barnes & Noble to do a bunch of my homework (I know, I was doing homework on a Friday night, so I’m a nerd, live with it).

I then picked up Kristin from work, grabbed some of her friends from St. Ben’s and took them over to my place to play some poker. When we got there, there was a note saying that the party got moved to Amanda’s. That meant we had to drive all the way back into St. Joe again. Annoying, but not too bad. I asked John why it got moved and this is why:

There is this really, and I mean really, annoying & crude girl that frequents our apartment (much to my dismay) and when she was over that afternoon Jared said something about playing poker. She instantaneously latched onto the idea, invited herself to come, and wouldn’t be persuaded otherwise. If she was going to be there, most of the people who were going to play were not going to come so the only choice was to move the get together to another location without telling her. I’m so glad we did move it because I would have killed her within 10 minutes if I had to play poker with her.

Once our games got underway, it only took about an hour for both Jared and myself to lose our $5 that we each had. Since I was out of money, Kristin took over playing and doubled her money. We were both so happy about it. In the future, I think I’ll let Kristin do all the card playing, except for black jack since that’s my favorite. Everyone had a great time and I think we’re planning to do it again sometime soon, but this time we won’t even speak of it around Sarah.

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