Friday, September 05, 2003

Play the Find the Freshmen Game

Yesterday was the “Involvement at the Mall” day over at St. Ben’s. Every year they have this day so that all of the new freshmen can see all of the different clubs and organizations that are available on our two campuses. I enjoy going every year for a couple of reasons. My freshman year I went to see what was out there, duh. Sophomore year up to the present, however, I’ve had a few other reasons for going—free stuff and laughing at all the new freshmen.

Free stuff always rocks, and this year I again grabbed a whole bunch of junk for our apartment—a bunch of cups (since we only have glass glasses & coffee mugs right now), a bunch of cans of pop, some ramen, way too much candy (my tummy was telling me how much it hated me last night when I got home), random huge t-shirts, a bunch of bathroom junk samples, a few slices of free pizza, some highlighters & pens, and a key chain. I think that’s most all of it. It’s also fun knowing all the people at their respective booths so that way you don’t have to feign interest to grab the free stuff—you just grab.

While making the rounds (the first time through with Kristin and the second with Megan) it’s so easy to pick out all of the new freshmen. We should have an orientation session that actually teaches them not to act like dumb new freshmen. The first giveaway that someone is a freshman is if they have one of those necklace things that you put your keys and wallet on the end of. So many freshman have these to take their room keys, wallet, and ID with them. Haven’t they ever heard of pockets? The whole key-chain necklace automatically pegs you as a freshman so don’t wear them!

Another way to pick out the freshmen is simply by looking at their facial expressions. If they look confused—freshmen. If they look excited about a club booth—freshmen. If they’re talking to the people at the booths instead of grabbing free stuff like a maniac—freshmen. Actually asking to grab the free stuff—freshmen. Going through the booths all dolled up like they’re going on their first date—female freshmen. Dressed more preppy than Zac from Saved by the Bell and having hair that contains half a bottle of gel—male freshmen. Talking to their friends about how cool it’s going to be going to the first meeting of a club or organization—freshmen. Laughing at all of the stupid freshmen—me!

I know I was a dumb freshman back in the day and I’m sure I was some upperclassmen’s piece of amusement on more than one occasion, so I don’t really feel all that bad about making fun of the freshmen each year. I don’t know if I exactly fell into the “stupid freshman” category, though, since most of the friends that I made were all a year older than me. I must have been operating at a sophomore level my freshman year. Now, I’m just really, really old. It’s so odd being the oldest person whenever I hang out with people on campus. I’ve seen a couple of people I graduated with on campus lately, but they don’t go to school anymore, they’ve just been visiting friends or significant others. I suppose that’s how I’ll be too once January comes and I’m actually done-done with college. Thank goodness that Kristin will still have two and a half years of college left so I can still live vicariously through her!

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