Thursday, September 04, 2003

Stupid Ass Dean

I’m sure that there aren’t a whole lot of you out there that religiously check the music reviews I put up here, but for those of you that do I’m sorry there hasn’t been much put up lately, but I’m more sorry to tell you that instead of the number of reviews picking up, they’re going to be fewer put up. This is simply because of one small change at work.

Last year I did most of the reviews while I listened to cds on my mp3 player at work over at the SJU prep school. Since I’m just the computer lab attendant most of my job is just sitting there being available if a problem comes up or if a student has a question. The last two years I’ve always brought my mp3 player with so that I didn’t get too bored while working. It wasn’t a problem, no one cared, and everyone was happy.

This year the prep school now has a new librarian and a new dean of students. The second day that I was here at work the dean of students came to introduce herself and then told me that listening to music was detracting from my job. It made me seem “inaccessible” to the students. Well, for the first two years I was here I didn’t listen to my mp3 player and I got about 2 questions a day. The last two years I was here I listened to my mp3 player and still got about 2 questions a day. The mp3 didn’t affect my job at all! Now this new dean thinks that she knows everything already even though I’ve been working here for four years already.

It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when someone assumes they know what is best when they’ve had no experience with it or have never even taken the change to examine what someone does. What also pisses me off is liars. She also fell into that category. She told me one of the reasons that I shouldn’t wear headphones is because Lorri (the secretary in the office on the top floor—I work on the second floor) said it wasn’t good for me to wear them. Well, she’s been working here for the amount of time I’ve been here and she hasn’t minded them at all. Also, I only actually ever see Lorri like once a week, if that. I only go to her to get my time cards and the keys if I need them. Why lie about something like that. If you’re going to lie, at least make it believable by saying the new librarian doesn’t like them or something. I’m really quite glad that this will be my last semester working here because this change in staff is no doubt going to make my once easy and relaxing job a pain is the ass……a boring pain in the ass.

On a much better note, yesterday I received a wonderful package in the mail—the entire run of the 90’s cartoon version of the X-Men. Kristin had mentioned a little while back how much she missed that show so I went on ebay looking for it and found it for relatively cheap (about $35 with shipping). It’s the entire 76 episode run on 26 vcd’s. Of course, as soon as I told Kristin that I received them in the mail we sat down and started watching. It’s now our goal to watch all 76 before the semester is over. I think we might be able to do it. I’ve also contacted another seller on ebay and I’m trading a set of the X-Men series for a set of the cartoon run of Gargoyles from the 90’s. This was another of Kristin’s favorite cartoons. I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t the biggest fan. I’m much more stoked about having the X-Men set.

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