Monday, September 01, 2003

Minnesota State Hell

I’ve been putting off actually writing anything because I just haven’t had the want to put anything up lately. Maybe it’s the transition back to college or maybe it’s just me being lazy, but I have had no drive whatsoever to put anything up, until this weekend came. Even after I had something I wanted to talk about, though, I really didn’t want to write anything because I feared it would be way too negative. It still might be, but I figured since I’ve given myself some time to reflect on some things it would be better.

For a few weeks now my family had planned on going to the state fair and I had planned on meeting them there with Kristin for a fun day out and about. Saturday was the day we decided to go so we met up there at about noon. This was the beginning of a very long day, at least for me. I can honestly say to you right now that I will be very hard pressed to go to the state fair again. I had never been the biggest fan of the state fair (or fairs in general), but I had never actively disliked the fair. That changed after this year.

I don’t want to sound completely negative about the fair so I would like to point out some of the good and/or fun things that were at the fair. First, I enjoyed the food. I had an ice cream cone from the dairy booth, a pronto pup (which Kristin thinks is different than a corn dog, but that is a conversation for another time), and a butt load of fries from some booth that sold only fries. I also liked seeing the dogs in the pets tent. The art was also interesting to look at, even if most of the art that I liked was the style that most people disliked (I go for darker and more macabre art as opposed to traditional and uplifting art). It was also nice to be able to visit with my family during the few opportunities we had.

See, there’s some good stuff about the fair……but not enough to come even close to outweighing the negatives inherent with this once a year event. By the end of the day I had reached limit and could not take any more of the fair. I felt a little bit dirty for being at the fair and having to give in to all of the price gouging and whatnot that goes on there. Let me explain the reasons why the fair sucks.

Ø First, there is the price to park. We got there around noon so it was really hard finding a parking spot and when we did, it cost us $25 for our two cars. It would have cost more if my dad hadn’t talked them down. Some random business charged my parents $15 to park in their parking lot and then, on a whim, decided to up the price to $20 to gouge people even more when I got there. My parents talked them down to $10 since I parked in a really crappy spot. Insane!

Ø Now that we had already thrown down $25 in parking, we had to pay $48 for all of us to get in. $8 a person for entry into the fair. Ludicrous! Almost $75 was spent just to get into the damn fair. For that much money each of us should have received a Segway to ride around on all day.

Ø Since I’m talking about money, let’s look at the prices of food—astronomical. Why can’t there just be at least one vendor that doesn’t rape every customer on the price of their food. Pronto Pup = $2.75. A 20 oz. of pop = $2.00 or more. Large order of fries = $8.50. I almost wanted to starve myself for the entire day so that I didn’t have to give any money to the crooks selling their food there, but hunger won over my resolve unfortunately.

Ø The amount of people contained within the fairgrounds must have doubled the population of Delaware. I swear I’ve never seen so many people in one place before. Everywhere, people. Any open space was hard to come by. Any building you went in, it would take you double the amount of time it usually would to go through them because there were so many people packed into each one.

Ø The amount of people also created havoc when trying to walk anywhere because they would constantly be cutting you off or bumping into you and it made the simple act of walking from one place to another a pain in the ass.

Ø I went to the fair to spend time with my family and visit with them, but that wasn’t really possible except for the few times we got to sit down because we were always separated and engulfed in tides of people. I wanted to hang out with them, but it was pretty much impossible and because of that it seemed like the fair was a waste of a day. We could have spent it sitting at a McDonalds for all I care because I just wanted to spend some time with my family, not fight with crowds.

Ø There was no real content to the fair. There’s a few interesting places to look through, but most of the fair is just food vendors and companies advertising their stuff. If I wanted to look at a bunch of cars for sale, some lawnmowers, or hot tubs I’d go to dealers that sold them.

Ø The people at the fair are gross. There’s so many nasty people there and people that don’t know how to dress. At first seeing all of them is interesting and funny, but over the period of the day it just became unfunny, sad, and gross. There are so many people there that dress so slutty and nasty that I was constantly appalled by their appearances. Do people not know what they look like?

Well, I think I’ve covered a good amount of reasons as to why the fair will probably never be graced by my presence again. I just wanted a nice, relaxing day with my family, but instead it turned into a stressful day (at least it was for myself because I can’t take the large crowds and wasting money). In conclusion, don’t ever EVER go to the Minnesota State Fair because it’s simply not worth it.

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