Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I really want to be fixed soon. Yesterday towards the end of work and through most of the evening, up until I went to bed, I had another migraine-ish headache. Since I haven't been diagnosed with migraines, I don't want to classify them as that exactly, but it is safe enough to say that it fit most of the symptoms of one. The throbbing pain behind my eyeball, the slight aches, and a little bit of nausea all made for a wonderful night. I tried to ignore it as much as I could, but there were times where it just really hurt and I couldn't hide it. Today I've felt somewhat achy in my shoulders and neck as well as weak. Why can't I just be normal like I was 3 weeks ago??? What has changed so much in that time? Ugghhh, I'm frustrated.

Anyhow, what did make my night better, besides Kristin being a wonderful girlfriend and pampering me, was the Pistons putting down the Lakers. Man, it felt so good to see the Lakers get put in their place. What was even more amazing was how crappy the Lakers played. After a good first quarter it looked like they just tossed in the towel and let the Pistons walk all over them. I'm really glad that the "powerhouse" that the Lakers supposedly put together this year couldn't pull off more than one weak victory against a very motivated Pistons team.

While watching some of the game, Kristin and I played a couple rounds of Simpsons Jeopardy. Of course, Kristin kicked my keister (how do you like that alliteration!). I expected it, though, since she's such a big fan of the show. We then watched some Smallville and did some reading and then I hit the sack since we worked for 11 hours yesterday and today we're working 11 and a half. Yeah, long days are sucky.

For reading I read The Unknown Soldier by Garth Ennis while Kristin read Kingdom Come. I've now read both and they are two of the best comic miniseries that I have read in a very long time. I would easily recommend both. Kingdom Come easily catapulted itself into my top five comic series of all time, probably number 2 right after Moonshadow. As for other reading, I've now started reading Kafka's Metamorphosis. I've only finished the first chapter, but it's looking to be a very interesting read.

Beyond that, my life has been pretty ho-hum with me not feeling so well and putting in extra long days at work. Kristin and I only had three hours last night between getting home from work and going to bed and I'm sure it'll be like that tonight too. It's not that I mind a whole lot, but it is a little sad to only have a few hours of the day to do anything. I guess this is what the real world is like, and I can only imagine it gets more hectic once kids enter the picture. I really, really want to have kids someday, but I kind of fear not having very much time to myself or very much time for just me & Kristin, or me & my friends, or me & family. It'll pretty much be me, Kristin, and a kid. Meh, I probably won't be having kids for a while yet, so I guess I shouldn't be worrying about it now.

What I do keep senselessly worrying about, though, is that my test results might point to something horrible like cancer. Cancer is such a terrible thing, and I've already mentioned that it took my grandpa and a close friend from me in a past post, but it's still heavily on my mind. The longer they keep me in suspense about what the results of my MRI are, the more and more paranoid I get. Can you imagine being told you have cancer? How do you react to having something like that dropped in your lap? I'm stressed out simply about the small, outside chance that it could be it. To have it actually confirmed would be devastating. I keep trying to stay as positive as I can, but it's really hard right now, especially stuck in limbo waiting for test results. I'll just keep praying for the best......

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