Tuesday, June 15, 2004

So What IS Wrong With Me?

The ultrasound and the MRI are done. Unfortunately, the results aren't in yet. Well, at least most of them aren't. After the ultrasound was done, the doctor was able to tell me that neither of my carotid arteries had any problems with them. That's good know because that was one of the life-threatening that could have been wrong. Now, for the rest of the MRI results, I'll have to wait until radiology looks over the data they gathered and returns it to my doctor.

Having an MRI really wasn't all that bad. Sitting still for a little under 45 minutes was somewhat boring, but it wasn't terrible. The only thing that was somewhat annoying was the racket that the MRI machine makes when it's running. They gave me headphones to listen to some music, which was cool. That way I wouldn't be completely bored while I was in there, but as soon as the machine started I couldn't even hear the headphones.

To also make my MRI a little more "fun", my doctor prescribed me a tranquilizer to take beforehand. I did and I waited and waited for it to do something. Nothing. Not a darn thing all day. The tranquilizer did absolutely nothing for me! I wonder if it was just a placebo that he gave me to ease my nerves? I'm pretty mad if it was because Kristin has to take a day off of work to drive me to and from the hospital because I was supposedly supposed to be tranquilized. Next time I should just go get blitzed before I go into the office. Who needs an expensive prescribed tranquilizer when you can just stop by the bar on your way in!

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