Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I Bring You My Return

Well, I wasn't gone as long as I thought I would be and I don't know exactly how often I'll be writing here, but I felt like I needed to come back and write simply to get out many of the thoughts that are constantly swirling around in my head. I've been so deep in thought almost every moment of every day that I felt like my head might explode if I didn't get some of it out. I started a written journal but I couldn't get down all that I wanted quick enough. I'm still going to use that for my personal writings, however, so don't expect anything deeply personal to show up here. I'm still a little uneasy talking about things that are close to my heart right now.

Anyhow, you may have noticed the new look. I hope you like it. I decided to scrap the homemade and homebuilt site I had for the ease of updating through blogger's interface. I can now post from just about anywhere with a computer at just about any time, which is a concept I like since many of my more interesting thoughts hit me when I'm not always near the computer I used for editing my site.

So, you might be wondering what's new with me. Oddly enough, I don't have a lot to say. There's still a lot of things going on in my life which will definitely have a bearing on what I'm going to do with it, especially for the near future. I'm still swirling in emotions, many of them dominating my thoughts, but I'm working on getting them under control. I'm going to attempt to start meditating to help clear my ever-busy mind, hoping that it might clear up some of the doubts, worries, and fears I have about my life right now. I know I don't need to have my life figured out right now, but there are a couple of things I would like to know where they're going because I think they're integral parts of how I will choose to live my life (yeah, sorry for the ambiguoty, but that's all you're going to get). It's an odd time right now and I'm hoping that by writing again I can better understand the plan that God has laid out for me. He's not making it easy right now, I'll tell you that.

Now with all of that knowledge under your belt... I welcome you all to the first day of the rest of my life.

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