Monday, March 07, 2005

Photos Now Online

Ever since my host canceled my account and deleted everything back around Christmas time, I haven't had the chance to get any of my photos back online. I finally took some time this weekend to put all of my digital pictures into albums and uploaded them for all to see. As you may have noticed, I put a link to my photos page over on the right. If you didn't, just click here for the photos page. There's a ton out there so if you ever get bored, just browse around.

Another thing I'm going to be doing periodically is re-posting old entries that were deleted when my hosting was canceled. I'm going to repost them with the datestamps originally on them, so they won't appear on the front page at all (and those of you keeping up with my site via RSS, you might see new posts WAY to the back of my feed, if they show up at all). It's interesting to see how terrible of a writer I used to be, and probably still are depending upon who you ask. So, enjoy the pictures and feel free to browse the archives if you like.

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