Friday, October 28, 2005

Because Dancing Robots Rule

I saw this video a long time ago and loved it. I found it again while trying to keep myself amused this morning between proofing documents. The concept of Transformers break dancing just plain rocks to me. If I were a giant robot the first thing I would do, other than smash Tokyo (come on, you can't NOT smash Tokyo if you're a giant robot) would be to learn how to break dance.

What I would love to see now is a combination of this video and the episode of Robot Chicken where Voltron gets served by some gelatinous green villain that carries a boom box with him throughout space as he attacks unaware spaceships. Voltron vs. Optimus Prime in a dance off to end all giant robot dance offs.

You know, speaking of Transformers and Voltron I wonder which was copying which when you compare Voltron to, say, the Destructicons. They both stem from the same concept--take a bunch of smaller robots (or tiger robots for Voltron) and combine them into a larger, more bitchin' robot. Hold on, I'll find out...

...ok, after some extensive research (thank you Google), it turns out that Voltron first started airing in September of 1984 while the Transformers started airing in October of 1984. Now I know that the Destructicons didn't come into play in the Transformers galaxy until at least the second season, so it's pretty much apparent that the Transformers stole the idea from Voltron (which no doubt stole the idea from some other show that came out before I was born and, thus, know nothing about).

With that said, I still think the Destructicons would totally beat the living bejesus out of Voltron, even though he has that kick ass, yet totally wonky looking, sword. I'll always remember the Destructicons transformed into Devastator ripping into the Autobot base in the movie and how totally bad ass they were.

Now if it was a dance off between the two, I know Voltron would have way better moves than Devastator. He's just too big and clunky. It would be like a robot Vin Diesel dancing against a robot Christopher Lambert. Robot Lambert would win every time.

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