Friday, October 28, 2005

Can You Hear Me?

I was rummaging around through some old documents on one of my thumb drives and I came across some old poetry. A lot of it was pretty much crap and I wonder why I deleted it, but some of it sparked memories I haven't thought about in a long time. And, oddly, one poem that I wrote for a friend of mine who died during my junior year of college can now just as easily apply to how I feel in the aftermath of my great grandmother's death this last year. So, anyways, here's what I'm talking about. It's nothing too good, but it did stir up a lot of emotions I'd thought I'd left behind.

Your face is there in my dreams
Haunting me from the great beyond
You know how much I miss you
So many tears I cried when you left
I never got to tell you farewell
I wanted to say it while you could still hear me
But I waited too long
Everything else seemed so important
You would always be there
I never thought you’d leave me so young
If only I had another day
To tell you how much you meant to me
And how much love I had for you
I’m so sorry I couldn’t do it earlier
When I could see you eye to eye
But please hear me now
As I cry to you a tearful goodbye

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