Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Philosophy and... Action?

Not many people in the world, if any really, think of philosophy as flashy, exciting, and action packed. I know because I majored in it and liked it and everyone I talked to about it definitely did not think of philosophy or philosophers as exciting. Heck, I didn't even think of philosophy as excitement filled. But, in less than a two day span I stumbled across two instances of action and philosophy being combined.

The first was when I was stumbling through Amazon looking for some interesting reads. What did I find when I was looking at independent graphic novels? Why, Action Philosophers, of course!

Amazing. A whole book dedicated to making quasi-superheroes out of classic philosophers. It turns out that there is also a volume 2 of Action Philosophers coming up this winter as well. I ordered volume 1 and preordered volume 2. Rockin'.

On top of graphic novels about philosophy, there are also philosophy action figures. Well, they're not actual action figures, but they're images and descriptions of what action figures for particular philosophers would be. A lot of the major philisophical players are covered over at Philosophical Powers. My favorite would definitely have to be "Vindictive" Wittgenstein, pictured below.

Wittgenstein was such a pain to read. Language philosophy in general is a headache to read. Although, I think I enjoyed Wittgenstein slightly more than Kripke, but that's just me.

It's too bad that these aren't actual figures, because I know for sure I'd order them just so I could see a steel cage match between the tag team of Kant & Hume (the philosophers that make the most sense) against Leibniz and Spinoza (the philosophers that are ridiculously off their rockers). It would be the cage match to end all cage matches.

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