Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Candy Flavors

Odd Candy Flavor

I noticed this odd flavor when I was looking through some candy that Kristi brought over to my house to put into a candy basket in our living room (which is currently empty). I ate Jolly Ranchers all through high school and loved sucking on them throughout most of the day. Since we weren't allowed to have gum in 99% of the classes I was in, this was the next best thing for keeping me awake.

I remember buying the gigantic assortment packs that had all the flavors--cherry, orange, grape, apple, and strawberry. Those flavors were perfectly fine and I never found any type of craving to combine any of them into a conglomerated flavor. However, the makers of Jolly Rancher disagreed and have come up with some new flavors, combining the old flavors together. I have no idea what the other flavors are because this was the only one in our candy dish, but from the looks of it, I'm not going to be happy.

Chorange? Seriously. It sounds like an insult I'd hurl at someone in high school. "Yo Billy, putting glue on the teacher's chalk board eraser was so dumb. You were the only one with glue so how did you think you wouldn't get caught? You're such a stupid chorange."

You know what? It flows. I think I'm going to start using chorange as an insult. Chorange. Yep, it's been decided. I now christian "Chorange" as an insult. For now we'll simply define it as being a noun synonymous with insults such as idiot, moron, and dumbass.

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