Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Training Time

I've got about 4 months to be in race shape. On July 14th, I'll be participating in the Life Time Fitness Triathlon. Now I won't be doing this alone. No, I'm going to be doing the 10K run portion of the triathlon as I am doing the triathlon as a part of a team. Since I can't swim, there's no way I'll ever be able to do a triathlon all on my own, but it'll be fun to be a part of a team competing in it.

I participated on a short course triathlon in college, which was pretty fun, so it'll be interesting to be a part of a long course triathlon. I'm going to try to use the triathlon as a spring board for me to continue training throughout the summer to hopefully participate in a half marathon at the end of the summertime. I did one while I was back in college, but never thought about doing another one. Considering most weeks I only run a total of about 10-15 miles, I think I'll need to step up my workout routines and focus more on running than on lifting.

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